FBC Pigeon Forge exists to Be One Unified Church that Makes Disciples Here, There and Everywhere. This is accomplished through a five-step discipleship process where each person is led to:

FOLLOW the one true God with all our heart, soul, mind and  strength

OPEN our hearts to one another by living life together through biblical fellowship

REACH the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelism and missions

GIVE of our gifts, talents, abilities and finances to serve the Lord, His church and the world

EQUIP the saints to be disciple makers that make disciples that make disciples

what to expect

where do i park?

we've got spots right up front for you. just pull in the front parking lot closest to the fountain and enter the main doors. 



i have kids

at the welcome desk we can check-in your kids to our secure system and show you exactly where they will be during the service, and how you can pick them up at the conclusion. 


whats the music like?

each week you can expect to be uplifted by a dynamic mix of modern worship songs and some of our old favorite hymns. the heart of our worship team is to never feel like you're watching

a show as a spectator, but for everyone in the congregation

to worship Jesus together. 


how long does the service last?

we take your time very seriously, and we strive to plan out our worship services, but we also heed to the Spirit of God, and never want to get in His way. You can normally expect a service to last around 75 minutes. 

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