As we have prayed and considered church attendance and financial giving, your current pastors believe we must seriously look at where we are today, as opposed to the past when the church had more attendance and finances.  We must consider our past, realize our present, but look to Jesus for our future.  

Our marching order per scripture is to fulfill the Great Commission and know that The Gospel is above all.  In so Doing and Going, to reach both young and old, we must have inviting places for families and singles to come to worship and be discipled to fulfill the vision God has given us at such a time as this.  When we focus on building God’s church Spiritually, Praying and Yielding to the Holy Spirit, God will prepare the direction and resources to renovate our facilities.  

We currently have two great properties, and for the location we are currently occupying (3290 Parkway), we believe in being good stewards of it now and in days to come.  With that said, upgrading and purposing our current facilities is our recommendation.  Why? “To help provide a place for the people God will bring to this place as we are obedient in fulfilling the Great Commission and reaching those that do not yet know Christ.”  Buildings are simply a tool, to carry out what God has called us to do in making disciples in and around our community. 

The Miracles and the past accomplishments seen are to be celebrated. We have much to be thankful for in the properties God has allowed to be acquired and used for His Glory in whatsoever way HE DESIRES AND NOT US.  We realize the dynamics of this community has changed over the past 20 years and God is showing us what we must do to go forward inside this community and far beyond to reach people with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in this time and day. 

Refreshing our current facilities, as we have begun to do with our Preschool, Children, and Student space, is a good beginning.  Making our current facility more appealing for families to attend is a fast start to what and where we need to go with other spaces to be more inviting also. 

The bottom line is this:  We believe, before getting involved in securing architects and civil engineers for a major renovation and additions to our current structure, we should develop a team within our church body, to immediately begin the process of doing “plastic surgery” on the interior and exterior of our facility. As pastors, and inclusive of the current deacon body in prayer as well, we asked 4 individuals, along with the chairman of Building and Grounds to form a team that could begin on this process and add additional members as needed to this core team of Danny Dorminey, Michael Smelcer, Jeff Brackins, Jessica Smelcer, and Building and Grounds Chairman, Landon Smelcer.  We would be able to see this team in action as funds are raised, along with what is already budgeted in “Building and Grounds.”  This means new signage, paint, flooring, lighting, acoustics, etc, beginning now, before we enter into another new study in the development of this property. 

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